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Buildingsimulation 308

Download BSG Newsletter August 2021

  • Estimating Airborne Infection through Simulation & Analysis
  • CIBSE Building Simulation Awards at Build2Perform 2020
  • Coming soon…2021 CIBSE Building Simulation Awards including the Young Modeller Award

Download BSG Newsletter May 2021

  • CIBSE Building Simulation Group and IBPSA-England invite to the 'Estimating Airborne Infection Through Simulation and Analysis’ event

Download BPSA England Newsletter 2020

  • Contribution of CIBSE BSG

Download BSG Newsletter November 2020 

  • Last chance to enter the CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 

Download BSG Newsletter September 2020

  • CIBSE Building Simulation Group Awards - Open for entries
  • Best Practice Initiative (BPI) Pilot Publication - Simple Blinds 
  • Sponsoring the CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2020 

Download BSG Newsletter November 2019

  • Forward by the CIBSE BSG chairman 
  • Hot models, cool houses 
  • BSO call for abstracts (IBPSA cross-posting) 
  • CIBSE Building Simulation Awards Sponsors

Download BSG Newsletter June 2013

Download BSG Newsletter October 2014