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Green infrastructure as a building service

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A task group has been set up to bring together a group of experts to provide leadership and knowledge on green infrastructure in a building services context.

It will gather, inform and disseminate practice in this area, looking at the role of building-level green infrastructure such as green roofs and living walls in a wider setting, creating greater awareness and interest in the issue, and link to those involved in making cities more sustainable and resilient. The group will be focusing on:

  • Broadening knowledge and awareness of the strategic and practical issues around the integration of green infrastructure into buildings.

  • Seeking collaborations with other groups, networks and societies within and outside of CIBSE.

  • Interfacing with the research community, working with relevant bodies to ’translate’ research into practical advice.


When the interactions with heating, cooling, air quality and well-being are considered, there is potential for building-focused green infrastructure to be more closely aligned with building services. There is also then a requirement to understand the interaction with site-level green infrastructure and the cumulative effect of buildings with living walls/roofs.

A number of particular topics of interest have been identified and we welcome contributions of experience and knowledge in these areas:  

  • Effect of plants on productivity and wellbeing 
  • Effect of plants on HVAC systems
  • Effect of plants on air purification 
  • Microclimate modelling of building-level green infrastructure
  • Which plants are best for which people / climate / seasons / environments
  • Maintenance of building level green infrastructure
  • Buildings and biodiversity

Contact: Julie Godefroy, Interim Head of Sustainability Development

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