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2016 AGM - 17 May 2016 - Presentation Slides

Again this year, the venue for the 2016 ILEVE AGM was the Hilton East Midlands Hotel. The same format as 2015 was adopted, with the  formal AGM business concluded during the morning session and several informative and interesting presentations completed the day.

The incoming Chair, Jane Bastow, presented 'The Future of ILEVE - Objectives & Plans' and other presentations included 'LEV Testing Kits' by Kimo, our sponsor for the day, and from Melvyn Sargent on 'Fume Cupboards'.

Future of ILEVE - Jane Bastow

ume Cupboards - Melvyn Sargent

ILEVE Competency Matrix

The Competency Matrix identifies the key skills, knowledge and expertise needed by all those involved in exhaust ventilation at work, including owners, installers, operators, maintainers, suppliers, manufacturers, inspectors, commissioners and sales people. It sets out what is needed in each of these roles to be competent.
The Competency Matrix can be downloaded by anyone who wants to understand what they need to know about local exhaust ventilation, and where they can go for appropriate training and guidance.

Competency Matrix

2015 AGM - 2 June 2015 - Presentation Slides

The 2015 AGM was held at the Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel. In addition to the formal AGM business, the second part of the day saw a number of interesting presentations including a session on LEV examinations by Robert Williams of HSE, the ILEVE Competency Matrix and a presentation from John Cairns, the Chairman of  Safety Groups UK, a partner organisiation sponsered by ILEVE.

Keep checking the 'Events' tile on the ILEVE homepage for similar information days.

AGM 2015

ILEVE - 5 Year Review - Wally Gilder

ILEVE - Competency Matrix Presentation
Jane Bastow ILEVE /James Wheeler HSE

LEV Exammination - Beyond The Basics - Robert Willimas HSE

Raising Awareness of Dangers At Work - Breathing
John Cairns - Safety Groups UK

Proposeed EU Flour Exposure Limit Change - John Lyons

ILEVE Information Day - The Royal Society
23 September 2014: Presentation Slides

The keynote speaker was Stephen McPartland MP, the Chair of the APPG on Respiratory Health. The subject of Stephen's talk was 'Reducing Incidents of Respiratory Disease'. Stephen was joined on the day by a number of eminent guest speakers representing ILEVE, CIBSE, the medical profession and health and safety groups.

The following PDF download provides the full presentation slides from the information day: Royal-Society-Info-Day-2014

  • Wally Gilder MILEVE - Chairman ILEVE: ILEVE Now and Beyond
  • Dr Christopher Barber - Deputy Chief Medical Officer HSL: The Consequences of Getting it Wrong
  • John McAlinden - HSE: HSE's overview of wood dust control in the woodworking industry
  • John Cairns - Chairman Safety Groups UK: Occupation Health Risk Management and Benefits Realisation Practical Approaches
  • Jon Gibson - MD Didac National Training Centre & Dominic Peacock - HSL: Better use of LEV to reduce worker exposure to wood dust
  • John Saunders - Principle Scientist HSL: Why LEV Sucks
  • Dr Hywel Davies - Technical Director CIBSE: LEV Engineering in Healthcare


Information Day - 16 October 2012
Presentation Slides

The following downloads are presentation slides from the ILEVE information day held on 16 October 2012

  • TExT - Thorough Examination & Test of LEV - Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems: A presentation by Jane Bastow - ILEVE Download PDF
  • Fee for Intervention: An Overview by Gill Spurrier - HSE Download PDF
  • Fee for Intervention: The Alternative View by Richard Hulmes - SAFed Download PDF
  • Improving the Effectiveness of LEV: A HSL perspective by John Saunders - HSL Download PDF