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Phil Hydes is an occupational asthma sufferer. Phil's condition is a direct result of many years of welding stainless steel plate.

His personal testimony as 'Phil the Welder', captured on video by the HSE, has been used at many events and training days to raise awareness of why hazardous airborne contaminants must be effectively controlled and the dangers of breathing contaminated air at work. In recognition of his contribution Phil was made the first Honarary Fellow of ILEVE.

Follow the link below to the HSE video to hear Phil's testomony in his own words.


HSG258 - Controlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation (LEV)

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L5 - The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002: Approved Code of Practice and guidance

EH40/2005 - Workplace exposure limits - Containing the list of workplace exposure limits for use with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
New workplace exposure limits for 31 substances have been introduced from 21 August 2018. This latest version of EH40 has been updated to include new and revised workplace exposure limits (WELs) introduced by the 4th Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELV) Directive.

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