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ILEVE's Strategic Partnerships

ILEVE's Strategic Partnerships 

ILEVE have recently teamed up with Safety Groups UK, Healthy Lung Partnership, BOHS LEV GroupEmada , SHAPA and Construction Dust Partnership to support and work with.

See below the benefits that they are all bringing to the engineering world.

Healthy Lung Partnership:

Do you need to dust down your LEV? Only 24% of firms who have invested in LEV are effectively controlling the hazards to their workforce. Lung disease, linked to exposure to chemicals and dust, results in 12,000 deaths per year.
An estimated 400,000 working days are lost each year to breathing and lung problems.
HSE are targeting inspections at those failing to manage and control health risks, so if you want to learn more about how to control exposure and find out what HSE is doing to tackle lung disease. Visit the Healthy Lung Partnership Website.