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TS 2016 3D business plan
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TS 2016 3D business plan

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Session 9 Paper 4, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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Often the pressure of project delivery in terms of programme and cost leaves little time for thought leadership and excellence. Project teams have traditionally been focussed on tangible goals and vision set out by their management. Change is in the air, with industry rapidly moving towards cloud based solutions. The need of the hour was to create a virtual distribution system for the delivery of excellence alongside project delivery. From a global perspective today’s business models are extremely complex and do not tend to address concerns with quality and time. In the pursuit of globalisation most businesses lose sight of their values, innovation and leadership.

A step change to business planning was necessary, but how do you begin? Within this plan, the step change was to embrace a people first, human centric approach as against the conventional process or commercial focus. Businesses are not machines; they are as unpredictable, unruly, self-organizing, and even sensitive as human beings. In other words, although organisations may not literally be alive, when it comes to running and changing them, they might as well be. Parents and business leaders face similar challenges in understand this living entity, placed in their care, to ensure that the decisions they take will lead to productive growth and change.

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