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Common Data Metrics for Efficient & Informed Delivery of Environmental Asmnt Pt2
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Common Data Metrics for Efficient & Informed Delivery of Environmental Asmnt Pt2

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Common data metrics for efficient and informed delivery of environmental assessments – Part II

Session 16 Paper 1, CIBSE Technical Symposium, John Moores University, Liverpool
11th and 12th April 2013

Progressing on work presented at the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2011 this paper identifies and describes the key metrics which are required by practitioners and lists the data which should be made available by all assessment delivery software and scheme providers to best service the need of the professionals who have to deliver against BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and similar environmental assessment methods. A data set has been constructed from approximately 190 live BREEAM assessments (anonymous to the authors) which are using the Tracker Plus web?based BREEAM project delivery system. This paper enhances the methodology previously presented to cover the current BREEAM 2011 scheme and uses average targeted % scores for each credit issue and then runs a distribution across quartiles to better identify macro and specific issues for further investigation. An additional survey of practicing BREEAM assessors has been undertaken to assess the perceived barriers of attaining BREEAM credits. The results from these quantitative and qualitative approaches are presented and discussed with further work proposed.

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