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DE5T: Asset Information Requirements Template
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DE5T: Asset Information Requirements Template

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This free-to-all template is intended to supplement DE5, part of CIBSE’s Digital Engineering Series, and is intended to help users put theory into practice.

DE5T: Asset Information Requirements Template is intended as a starting point for an Asset Information Requirements document. The sections and specific requirements may be altered, added to, or removed as appropriate.
The sections shown here reflect the sections used in the CIBSE guidance note DE5: Asset Information Requirements. These are not necessarily the right sections for your organisation, but will hopefully give a useful start to the thought processes required for an effective AIR.

The sections reflect the granularity of an asset and each section may refer to the responses of the previous, so that a Component will reference the Space into which it is placed, hence removing duplicated data. Formats for responses are suggested, but these may not be suitable for the data gathering systems used; an entirely different approach may be used if required. 

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