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Flow Simulation of property-scale rainwater systems
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Flow Simulation of property-scale rainwater systems

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Session 12 Paper 3, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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Understanding the flow conditions and network characteristics within property-level water supply and drainage networks will better support the integration of water efficient products and services. The conventional approach to understanding these flow conditions has been to review the system components, categorized as mains water supply, rainwater discharge and wastewater discharge, in isolation.

This paper presents a new ‘whole-systems’ approach to help assess the network characteristics and flow conditions resulting from integrated system modifications, and highlights the significance of understanding the resulting dynamics that drive system performance. Specifically, the paper illustrates the approach for the conveyance of rainwater through a property with flow simulation results indicating the impact of system modifications on flow attenuation defined in terms of ‘residence time’.

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