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Getting Real about Energy Use in Non-Domestic Buildings
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Getting Real about Energy Use in Non-Domestic Buildings

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Session 17, Paper 2, CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium, Dublin, Ireland 3-4 April 2014

This paper summarises the lessons learned from several architect-led joined-up research projects conducted over the last six years relating to the achievement of low operational energy use in new and refurbished buildings. It will also describe a simple step-by-step methodology, developed by the research team that offers investors and built environment professionals a low-cost way to minimise the risks of unexpectedly high energy consumption in buildings, while improving long-term resilience and occupant satisfaction.

The projects all focused on addressing the gap between calculated and measured building performance at different scales: policy, building and component level.

The paper will discuss common barriers uncovered to lowering energy use and outline examples of associated costs for investors, contractors and end users in the course of these projects. It will then introduce preliminary results from piloting the ‘reporting framework’ set out by the authors to overcome these barriers on a live project. This case study will help illustrate ways of using transparent metrics to track energy and resource consumption through the life of a project to achieve and maintain expected building performance.

The paper will outline how such an approach
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