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Integral approach from user towards Smart Grid
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Integral approach from user towards Smart Grid

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Session 7 Paper 2, University College London, 16-17 April 2015

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Active control of energy consumption inside (nanoGrid) buildings can address some of the imminent energy problems within the total energy infrastructure partly caused by the use of decentralized renewable energy sources. The energy demand characteristics of buildings available in Building Energy Management Systems are very valuable information for grid optimization. Our research is aimed at developing, implementing and evaluating new process control strategies and new personalized HVAC systems to optimize the energy interaction within the building, its environment and the energy infrastructure.

An integral approach based on System Engineering is applied using different functional layers from individual user up to centralized power generation. On these different levels possibilities are being investigated for climate control both within laboratory conditions as well as quite unique in an office building. First results showed that an improvement of the interaction between occupant and nanoGrid for optimizing the Smart Grid control can be achieved.

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