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Operational performance targets in a daylighting design process of an airport
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Operational performance targets in a daylighting design process of an airport

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Session 12 Paper 2, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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The paper reports on a case study of an integrated design process of a large building aiming for green certification and, in particular, tracks the variability of daylight simulation results as green performance goals. The process of simulations in this paper only focuses on specific key parameters crucial to targets particularly to daylight performance and a specific sky condition was selected from the onset as there is insufficient time to test all models under all sky conditions. The approach is to use the existing airport and its resultant data as a means of verification study and measuring the accuracy of the tool in the specific framework of this typology and its climate. Once the tool is verified, it is then used to predict design options and used as a tool to inform design decisions and the process is documented which prioritise strategic inputs through simulation in integrated design study. The outcomes of design and its processes are measured again in the post-occupancy study. The paper demonstrates how daylight targets and optimisation methods are integrated into the design process and the extent of achieving energy saving in the tropics.

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