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Retrofitting existing housing stock:Professional advice supporting householders
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Retrofitting existing housing stock:Professional advice supporting householders

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Retrofitting existing housing stock: The role of professional advice in supporting householders and installers. Professional collaboration lessons for the future

Session 11 Paper 3, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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This case study of large-scale retrofit in North London demonstrates the importance of an independent, technical and cost advisor in the retrofit process. Its contributions range from better quality installations, reducing hygro-thermal risks from retrofit, educating householders and addressing issues of communication in the retrofit industry.

This case study addresses the key themes of professional collaboration between contractors, architects and local authorities in large-scale retrofit, and opportunities and barriers to interdisciplinary working. Using insights from the ‘Smart Homes’ project, this case study highlights the challenges of delivering retrofit at scale across a large geographical area through a complex network of actors. Challenges between partners over detailing, installation techniques, costing and responsibilities exposed issues of trust, co-operation and design responsibility within the retrofit industry.

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