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The accuracy of ASHRAE Standard 55-2013 (Thermal environmental conditions)
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The accuracy of ASHRAE Standard 55-2013 (Thermal environmental conditions)

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Session 11 Paper 1, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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This study examined the accuracy of thermal comfort zone (ASHRAE Standard 55-2013) in four offices in Norway and the UK. Thermal environment of the workplace is arranged according to this standard, which predicts to satisfy over 80% of occupants. However, users report dissatisfaction regarding the thermal environment. This study investigated the application of the most widely used thermal comfort standard in practice. Field studies of thermal comfort with recordings of the thermal environment, survey questionnaires and interviews were applied. The results did not agree with the PMV and adaptive prediction models by the ASHRAE Standard 55-2013. The follow up interviews revealed the significance of individual differences in perceiving the thermal environment and the impact of the availability of thermal control on user satisfaction.

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