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The CIBSE Carbon 60 Project - Measures, Metering and Lessons
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The CIBSE Carbon 60 Project - Measures, Metering and Lessons

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CIBSE Technical Symposium, DeMontfort University, Leicester UK
6th and 7th September 2011


CIBSE have been carrying out a long term project to lower the carbon emissions of their two headquarters buildings to 60% of that in 2005. This Carbon 60 (C60) programme included boiler replacement, double glazed windows and a significant improvement in heating and lighting controls. This paper sets out the measures taken and the outcomes alongside key lessons learnt.
The C60 project has more recently introduced detailed sub-metering of both headquarters buildings which has provided useful data on the success of the measures and the current performance of the buildings. CIBSE have now introduced web based energy monitoring software which provides a dashboard accessed through any desktop browser with an easy intuitive interface which can be used by anyone. This software is being used to promote occupant behavior change and to identify further areas of energy wastage.
CIBSE?s carbon emissions in 2001 were 88 Tonnes CO2 and this reduced to 77.6 Tonnes CO2 in 2010. This shows CIBSE?s emissions have reduced by 12% or 10.4 Tonnes of CO2. Whilst gas usage has reduced by nearly 40%, electrical usage has increased by nearly 11% as a result of a doubling of staff numbers and IT equipment.

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