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TM25 Understanding building integrated photovoltaics (2000)
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TM25 Understanding building integrated photovoltaics (2000)

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Now emerging as the sustainable technology of choice for those commissioning new buildings, solar phototvoltaics offer huge potential to deliver renewable energy without generating carbon dioxide or other pollutants. As cost reductions look set to acclerate the growth of this technology in the next few years, architects, designers, specifiers and engineers need to know about building photovoltaics in order to offer it as an alternative to their clients.

TM25: Understanding building integrated photovoltaics includes: installation constraints and opportunities; the do’s and dont's of design and installation practice; skills required; and information on the safety aspects.


1. Introduction

2. Outline of PV technology

3. Preliminary design

4. Outline technical design

5. Detailed technical design

6. Installation

7. Operation and maintenance

8. Case studies


Authors: Dr Rosemary Rawlings (BSRIA); Mark Roper (BSRIA)

Task Group
Members: Bruce Cross (Energy Equipment Testing Service); Sandra Dixon (University of Northumbria); Tim Harrison (BP Solarex); Roger Hitchin (BRE); Dr Margaret Horne (University of Northumbria); Dr David Infield (CREST); Barry Marsh (Active Cladding Systems); Ray Noble (BP Solarex); Duncan Price (Whitby Bird & Partners); Dr Rosemary Rawlings (BSRIA); Mark Roper (BSRIA); John Sinclair (Electricty Association); Dr Helen sutcliffe (FBE Management Ltd (for DETR)