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Using Passivhaus methodology to eliminate performance gap
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Using Passivhaus methodology to eliminate performance gap

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Session 6 Poster 2, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, 14-15 April 2016

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There is growing evidence that designing and building to the Passivhaus standard combined with experience and improvements throught lessons learnt closed the performance gap in a series of non-domestic buildings, in the UK. This study presents independent evidence of how the Passivhaus methodology used in a series of Passivhaus Primary Schools in West Midlands, UK, can bring the industry closer to eliminating the performance gap.

The study is based on findings from post-occupancy monitoring of 6 UK schools: a baseline 1970s, 2 new non-passivhaus, and 3 Passivhaus primary school buildings. This most recent, independent building evaluation project involved monitoring of actual energy consumption and classroom internal environmental quality (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels), and user feedback. This study enabled a direct comparison between standard and passivhaus buildings of a similar size and usage.

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