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Whole Building Ventilation Strategy Selection - A Toolkit
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Whole Building Ventilation Strategy Selection - A Toolkit

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CIBSE Technical Symposium, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK 
6th and 7th September 2011

With rising energy prices, the need to ventilate efficiently is increasing. When deciding how to ventilate a building, there has been a historical tendency towards a single approach, either mechanical or natural ventilation. However, buildings are often most appropriately ventilated by a combination of both methods, depending on the individual configurations, heat gains, and thermal comfort requirements of their rooms.
The majority of room types can be effectively ventilated by mechanical or natural systems but there are some applications that clearly favour one approach over the other, and many that would benefit, both in reduced energy costs, and improved occupant comfort, from a combined or hybrid approach. Generally, a case-by-case assessment is advisable when selecting a ventilation methodology. This paper will consider the evaluation methodology and the effects of different approaches and will propose a “toolkit” to assist in the process.

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