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Current Knowledge Projects

CIBSE's Knowledge Management Committee and Knowledge Generation Panel are currently supporting new projects on the following topics: 

  • the circular economy, superseding CIBSE TM56 Resource efficiency of building services and linking to TM66 Creating a circular economy in the lighting industry
  • infiltration rates and the oversizing of systems
  • building physics
  • electrical engineering for net zero
  • electrical engineering for transportation
  • a series of five publications will make up the Applications Manual AM18 Medium voltage distribution; all five will have been published by the end of the summer of 2022
  • revisions of all commissioning codes. The first of these, Commissioning management, will be published in the summer of 2022; the others will follow
  • a revision of Guide M Maintenance engineering and management is underway
  • a revision of Guide K Electricity in buildings is underway
  • a good practice guide on the dynamic thermal modelling of basic blinds is underway.