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Help us create PDTs

The PDTs created to date have been written by a few volunteers and given to CIBSE. They only cover building services products and comprise only a fraction of the full list of product types that will be needed by this sector.

The full set cannot be completed by the volunteers, so it is vital that manufacturers and preferably, trade associations, prepare PDTs for the missing product types using the master template as a base.

If you are willing to be involved in writing templates for any listed building service product please email to obtain CIBSE’s consent before starting.  If no one else is signed up already, CIBSE will agree a timetable with you for your draft and give you a ‘mentor’ to contact if you get stuck!

Your finished draft PDT must be sent to CIBSE for approval. Since the only purpose of PDTs is to create one cross-industry standard for data on a product type, on approval, you agree unconditionally to ‘gift’ the PDT to CIBSE - as the ‘custodian’ of all the PDTs covering the building services industry. CIBSE will acknowledge you as author on the published version of the PDT.

[Please note: CIBSE does not require you to consult it when preparing a PDT for any product that is not listed as CIBSE’s on the proposed list.]

We are currently seeking authors to help support and develop the following Product Data Template titles.

Beacon                                    Filter Rotary Wheel Heat Exchanger
Bell Sounder Finned Tube Security Camera
Chiller Fire Alarm Panel Siren Sounder
Circuit Breaker Floodlight Sounder
Cistern Gully Stack Terminal
Condenser Indicator Light Sub-station
Contactor Junction Box Time Controller
Cooling Tower Keypad Transformer
Dehumidifier Lampost Tube Heat Exchanger
Door Contact Lightning Protection Strike Plate Vlve Air Release
Drain Momentary Switch Valve Anti-Vacuum
Electric Boiler Oil Tank Valve Gas
Emergency Stop PDU Valve Pressure Reducing
Evaporator Pressure Vessel Valve Pressure Relief
Expansion Tank Rotary UPS Valve Regulating