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Latest CIBSE Publications

Digital Engineering SeriesCIBSE's Digital Engineering Series

Produced in order to assist the full built environment supply chain in tackling the practical challenges, specifically of the BIM processes, of digital engineering more widely.


Transport BuildingsLG15: Transport Buildings

Produced to assist designers working within transport environments to create effective lighting schemes that are energy efficient and enhance the passenger experience.


Lighting for Stairs

LG16: Lighting for Stairs

This Lighting Guide covers where on a stair to calculate and measure the values presently recommended in the SLL Code for Lighting.



LG0 Lighting Guide 0: Introduction to Light and Lighting

This guide is based on chapter 1 of the forthcoming updated edition of the SLL Code for Lighting and has been produced as a free stand-alone document to act as an introduction to light and lighting for all those with an interest in the subject. 

TM59 Design methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes

Recent evidence has shown that overheating risk needs to be taken seriously in the residential sector. Many new or refurbished homes have designs that contribute to overheating risk. Download the full publication t find out more.

BEET Buildings for Extreme Environments - Tropical

This document on tropical zones is the second of a three-part series that will reflect different climate zones.