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Latest CIBSE Publications

TM60TM60 Good Practice in the Design of Homes

Aims to help building services engineers and other professionals working on the planning, design and construction of homes to understand and demonstrate good practice, understand the relevant guidance, tools and other resources available and contribute to delivering good practice as part of a wider design team.

Digital Engineering SeriesCCL Commissioning Code L: Lighting (Jan 2018)

This updated edition of Commissioning Code L provides guidance on how to set up a commissioning plan for a project in order to manage the process of ensuring that the design intent is realised at project completion and that the users of the lighting installation are fully aware of the operation and benefits of the lighting installation, relative to their use of the building.

Digital Engineering SeriesKS21 Competency and competency management systems in facilities management (Dec 2017)

This guide provides an understanding of competence and competency, focusing on the management of building engineering systems in operational buildings, although the concept is equally valid for other disciplines including management. It details the journey individuals and organisations need to take to become competent and how to maintain and manage linking to human resources (HR) and talent management. The aim is to demonstrate how to review and apply effective management of competency, which is scalable to small and medium size organisations as well as large corporate bodies.

Digital Engineering SeriesGVRF Guide to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning (Dec 2017)

The main purpose of this publication is to provide an independent source of information to assist designers in selecting and configuring VRF systems to realise their optimum environmental and economic potential.

Digital Engineering SeriesBEEC Buildings for Extreme Environments - Cold Climates (Nov 2017)

This document on buildings and their builidng services in cold climates is the third of a three-part series that reflects different climate zones.


Transport BuildingsLG15: Transport Buildings (Sep 2017)

Produced to assist designers working within transport environments to create effective lighting schemes that are energy efficient and enhance the passenger experience.


Lighting for Stairs

LG16: Lighting for Stairs Jun 2017)

This Lighting Guide covers where on a stair to calculate and measure the values presently recommended in the SLL Code for Lighting.