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Knowledge Generation

The various steps within CIBSE's knowledge generation process, and the associated stages within our QA procedures can be viewed on a workflow diagram that can be downloaded here for CIBSE titles.

The workflow for SLL titles is slightly different and is available here.

The following sections describe what to do if you wish:

Propose a project

New proposals and suggestions for knowledge can be made to CIBSE for consideration in the CIBSE Knowledge generation process. Decisions on proposals are ultimately made by the CIBSE Knowledge Management Committee (KMC), as supported by the Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee (KPSC).  

Suggestions for new projects are very welcome however it is advisable to initially contact CIBSE Head of Knowledge  ( to discuss any duplication of, or overlap with, existing projects and fit with current CIBSE priorities.


Proposals for new projects should be made on the official form, known as a TP/1, which can be downloaded here. This version was totally revised in February 2019. The completed form should be sent to this address CIBSE Head of Knowldge (as above) can also be contacted for guidance on the completion of the form.

It should be noted that in 2015, KMC agreed a number of areas as priorities for future CIBSE knowledge. These should be considered by those making new proposals to KMC and, ideally, reflected in the TP/1. These priorities can be viewed here

Note: Proposals for new research projects follow a similar pattern (using a separate form - an RP/1). Details of the process can be found on this page here and the RP1 form access directly from here.

Propose an idea

Rather than complete a full project proposal form, CIBSE welcome submissions of ideas. If you have an idea, this can be made through a simple process using an on-line form here

The purpose of this form is to collect suggestions for improving the content and delivery of the guidance and information provided by CIBSE to its members and to other interested parties. These ideas will be presented to CIBSE's Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee (KPSC) and, where appropriate, worked up into an official New Project Proposal, as described above, to be considered for ultimate approval by the Knowledge Management Committee.   

More information is given on the form itself.

Help the process

Expressions of interest to join these committees are always invited - by emailing

CIBSE committees are interested in generating participation from all sectors of our membership. It is our ambition, with a view to limiting time and expense to participate and to facilitate maximum participation, that participation is usually possible using virtual meeting technologies from whatever remote location suits you best.