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Knowledge Generation: Get Involved

Propose a project

New proposals and suggestions for knowledge can be made to CIBSE for consideration in the CIBSE knowledge generation process. Decisions on proposals are ultimately made by the CIBSE Knowledge Management Committee, with support from the Knowledge Generation Panel.

Proposals for new projects should be made on the official Knowledge Proposal Form, known as TP/1. The priorities for future CIBSE knowledge should be considered by those making new proposals to KMC and, ideally, reflected in the TP/1. The completed form should be sent to

Proposals for new research projects should be made on the official Research Funding Approval Request Form, known as RP/1. The process is explained on the research support page.

CIBSE also welcomes suggestions for improving the content and delivery of the guidance and information provided by CIBSE to its members and to other interested parties. Ideas can be submitted via online form

Help the process

There are many different ways of getting involved in the CIBSE knowledge generation process, including joining the Knowledge Management Committee and the Knowledge Generation Panel when vacancies arise. Expressions of interest can be made by emailing