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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeHIST
  • Number of pages96
  • Publication DateOct 2002
  • ISBN1903287308

Guide to building services for historic buildings (2002)


PDF Format







PDF Format






Guide to building services for historic buildings (2002)

If you are responsible for the running, maintenance, renovation, repair or restoration of an historic or traditional building, this book is essential reading.


1. Principles
  • General
  • Scope and Definition
  • Aim of the Guide
  • Target Audience
  • The relationship between building services. energy efficiency and conservation of the existing building stock and the environment
  • Legislation
  • Building Regulations
  • Design Principles
  • Summary of design principles appropriate for work in older buildings
  • Simple nonintrusive ways of improving energy efficiency

2. Building Services

  • Modern Expectations and standards of service
  • Increasing sustainability
  • The Value of Historic Building Services
  • Re-using existing services
  • Criteria for the selection of new building services in historic buildings
  • Installing new building services and upgrading existing ones

3. Building Fabric

  • Moisture movement in older buildings
  • Adding insulation
  • Ventilation, draughtproofing and fan pressurisation testing
  • Thermal mass and controls
  • Conservation heating
  • Initial and ongoing monitoring

4. A Design Approach for Historic Buildings

  • Introduction
  • The project team
  • An approach
  • Design principles
  • The RIBA Plan of Work
  • Commissioning
  • Into the Future

5. Case Studies

  • Introduction to case studies
  • Table of Case Studies indicating relevance of each.



Further Reading

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Original proposal: Martin Cook (RIBA)
Authors: Peter Warm and Richard Oxley
Picture research and case study collation: Catharine Bull.
Assistance: Dr W T Bordass.
Other acknowledgements: Noel Burns (BRE)

Steering Committee:
Chair: David Bailey (James Joy - David Bailey Partnership)
Members: Martin Cook (BRE); Jonathan David (CIBSE); Derek Lawrence (CIBSE); Verney Ryan (BRE).
Advisory Panel: Richard Atkins; Douglas Hogg (Cadw); Ingval Maxwell (Historic Scotland); Ian Milford (Atkins); Brough Skingley (English Heritage); Sarah Staniforth (National Trust); Tim Yates (BRE)

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