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A3.6 Interpretations to EN81

Safety standards are very necessary, but the documents that describe them often require detailed study to obtain a full understanding. Sometimes the meaning is still unclear and hence the use of requests for interpretations.  It is very important that designers, manufacturers, instal-lers, maintainers, owners, inspectors and consultants keep up-to-date with such interpretations.  
BSI publishes EN 81-11: Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts. Basics and interpretations. Interpretations related to the EN 81 family of standards as DD CEN/TS 81-11: 2011.  
EN 81-11 contains a listing and description of interpre-tations to the current 1998 versions of EN 81-1/2 (series number greater than 500) and a cross-reference to those interpretations still relevant made to the earlier EN 81-1/2 standards (series up to 272). These latter interpretations were published by BSI in HB 10105: 2000: Lifts handbook. An explanatory supplement to BS 5655: Parts 1 and 2.  This has been withdrawn from the BSI catalogue. These interpretations may apply to BS EN 81-20: 2014 and BS EN 81-50: 2014.
Table A3.1 gives the interpretation number on a clause-by-clause basis with a X in the column of the standards relevant to the clause. Only a brief description is given, so it will necessary to examine the actual text to understand the full meaning.
New interpretations are issued on an ad hoc timescale.  Eventually these are collected together and published. This does means a practitioner’s knowledge can become out-of-date. Elevatori, the European lift magazine (, publishes the basic text of each new interpretation shortly after it becomes agreed. Table A3.2 provides further interpretations to BS EN 81-1/2 not listed in DD CEN/TS 81-29: 2004.  
Tables A3.3 to A3.7 list interpretations to BS EN 81-28: 2003, BS EN 81-58: 2003, BS EN 81-70: 2003, BS EN 81-72: 2003 and BS EN 81-73:2005. 
Warning: interpretations do not have the same status as the standards to which they are related. However the application of interpretations should give to the interested parties confidence that the relevant standard has not been wrongly applied.