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CIBSE runs an annual audit to look at a percentage of corporate members'* CPD at random. This is to ensure CIBSE meets and complies with the requirements and standards set by the Engineering Council. 

The audit typically runs between April to September each year. 

If you are selected for audit, you will be contacted via email and asked to submit a report of your CPD plans and activities via CIBSE's online professional development portal, mycareerpath.

Your report will be anonymously reviewed by CIBSE's CPD Panel, who are trained to assess members' CPD. Feedback will be shared with all participants via email.

If you record your CPD externally - for example, via your employer or another professional body's CPD portal - this can be uploaded to mycareerpath for audit. Your CPD must still meet CIBSE's requirements, which can be viewed here

Exemptions from audit:

Exemptions may apply for members with certain circumstances, such as parental leave, out of work, illness etc. Please inform CIBSE if this applies to you.

*Retired members are exempt from the audit, with the exception of those who are active volunteers for CIBSE, who are required by the Engineering Council to continue to maintain their CPD.

Submitting your CPD for audit

To submit your CPD for audit through mycareerpath, login to your MyCIBSE profile and click 'My CPD - CIBSE Membership'

Watch this video for guidance on how to use mycareerpath to submit your CPD for audit. Written guidance can be downloaded here

Login to MyCIBSE

CPD Requirements

CIBSE corporate members are required to:

  • Take ownership of their learning and development needs
  • Undertake a variety of development activities
  • Record their CPD activities
  • Reflect on what they have learned or achieved through their CPD activities
    • Reflect on at least two CPD activities per year, and any activity over five hours long
  • Evaluate their CPD activities against objectives
  • Review and update their professional development plan
  • Support the learning and development of others
Download CPD guidance
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Any questions?

Contact the CIBSE Membership team

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8772 3650 

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