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Writing your Report

Good examples of completed technical reports contain:

  • Written explanation
  • Diagrams
  • Calculations

Together these can evidence your understanding of fundamental engineering principles.

The report reviewers are looking for some or all of the following:

  • Mathematical aspects and calculations
  • use of appropriate software to solve problems
  • application of new and innovative technologies relevant to the project
  • analysis and modelling
  • evaluation and exploration of sustainable technologies in providing building services
  • establish the solution's fitness for purpose with reliable and quantitative methods.
  • identifying and solving practical problems
  • scientific knowledge of the properties of materials and components and of physical processes
  • selection and use of relevant materials equipment, tools processes or products
  • apply information from technical knowledge resources
  • applying engineering practices
  • analysing the economic, social and environmental contexts.

The report should be written in English and structured with an introduction, aim, discussion and an evaluation.

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