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Building Simulation Awards 2019 Newsletter

Foreword by Group Chairman Prof. Darren Wolf


Foreword by the Group’s Chairman Prof. Darren Woolf, Visiting Professor in Building Engineering Physics, Building Energy Research Group, Loughborough University In 2019 the Building Simulation Group has been driving many exciting events and new initiatives. It has been an extremely busy year which gives promise of much more in the year to come. A big thank you goes out to all the Committee and supporters of BSG for their voluntary contributions as these form the backbone of our group and enables us to support building simulation professionals and interested persons across our industry.

In April we held a celebration of our 10th anniversary in an event where then CIBSE President Stephen Lisk gave us a vision of the changes that are not only about to come our way but which we should be responding to now. Our Vice Chair, Darren Coppins, spoke about the training and certification initiative driven by our CERT group which he chairs (hosted by BSG). This will start to deliver training next year initially based upon the CIBSE publication AM11 on building performance modelling. This 2015 publication was originally hosted by BSG and still provides a guiding light for quality building simulations. I also gave a retrospective look at the many events that we have hosted over the years with some view on how research does or will eventually support our industrial applications.

This month at Build2Perform (November 26th) our main annual prize giving event has morphed into the 'CIBSE Building Simulation Awards’. This is an event where we celebrate ‘best in class’ for industrial building simulations judging shortlisted entries. Darren will also be giving another update on CERT and I will be hosting a panel session on skills from different perspectives – an academic, an architect, a contractor and a consultant. I hope you can join us.

We have been co-hosting a number of events this year with other CIBSE groups – a trend which we wish to promote more in the coming years. In July, with the HVAC Group, the many challenges associated with capturing the physics and controls associated with HVAC systems within simulations was presented. In October an event with the Young Energy Performance Group explored ‘Design for Performance’. Many of our members have also been participating in industry events and reporting their activities via BSG social media (LinkedIn and Twitter). Please do sign up to our social media to get early notification of the entry details for the 2020 Awards as well as the many other events that we’ll be organising.

Finally, one exciting new initiative which BSG will start to drive next year relates to redefining what we mean by application of best practice building simulation for performance with compliance within our industry. Initially focussed on dynamic thermal modelling for plant sizing, thermal comfort, energy estimation and indoor air quality, our 'Best Practices Initiative' will, over time, publish easily accessible material to support the delivery of quality building simulations. It will also aim to take advantage of any streamlining that can occur and ready us for ‘future simulation’. The latter may include, for example, incorporation of parametric optimisation and machine learning into our simulations.

We are extremely conscious about the climate emergency in our community and the role that building simulation has in the delivery of efficient and effective building designs and systems. We thank you all for your support and look forward to an even more successful 2020!