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About the CHP & DH Group

The CIBSE Combined Heat & Power (CHP) & District Heating (DH) group raises awareness and disseminates knowledge about both the technical and economic aspects of CHP including both conventional equipment and new developments such as fuel cells and micro CHP.  

Membership is open to any building professional - you will get a free e-newsletter plus access to CHP information and events.

Mission Statement

To increase the awareness of the potential benefits of CHP and encourage members to consider CHP as a matter of course.

Terms of reference

The CHP Group has the following broad objectives

  • help CIBSE members become aware of the opportunities, feasibility and economics for CHP,
  • encourage best practice in the deployment of existing CHP technologies by ensuring:
    • specifiers appreciate and understand the building’s characteristics and how this influences the sizing, economics and integration of CHP units,
    • CHP is designed, commissioned and operated correctly
    • users appreciate the need to monitor and evaluate performance, and how optimum operating strategies may be achieved,
  • keep members aware of the latest developments in new CHP technologies, such as Fuel Cells, Micro-turbines, domestic CHP (stirling engines), etc, and us of renewable fuels.
  • provide a forum to explore the lessons that can be learned from existing installations,
  • provide authoritative, accurate and independent information
  • Influence CHP policy where appropriate,
  • keep CIBSE members aware of market conditions and government initiatives related to CHP
  • encourage links with other institutions and organisations.