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Carbon Bites

This page presents short articles by EPG and YEPG members on topics of current interest to the energy performance of buildings.

Want to write a Carbon Bite of your own? Download the template here, and email our Director of Carbon Bites, that is, Emeka Efe Osaji via with your idea for a one pager on an energy related topic!

58: 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26): Time to Listen to Learners
         Tina Alderson, Functional Skills English Lecturer, February 2022

57: Thermal Energy Meters
         Dennis Hirons and Matthew Rose, MWA Technology Ltd., February 2022

56: CIBSE TM54 (2022) - Overview of Updates
         Mark Dowson, Buro Happold, February 2022

55: Energy Performance Certificates – The Fundamentals
         Roger Hitchin, January 2022

54: Exploration of Building Energy and Environmental Assessment Certification (BEEAC) Tools
      Emeka Efe Osaji, Leeds Sustainability Institute and University of Salford, June 2021

53: How to Enhance Building Energy and Environmental Assessment Certification (BEEAC)
      Emeka Efe Osaji, Leeds Sustainability Institute and University of Salford, June 2021

52: CIBSE Technical Memorandum (TM) 61 to 64 Operational Performance of Buildings
         Dr Mark Dowson, Buro Happold, November 2020

51: Green Tariffs, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Offsetting and Insetting
         Lucy Pemble, ICF, October 2020

50: Taking Commercial Offices to Net Zero Carbon
         Jennifer Elias (Cundall), Oliver Lockhart (Hoare Lea) and Khasha Mohammadian (Carbon Intelligence), August 2020

49: The Role of 5th Generation District Heating (5DH) in UK’s Path to Net Zero
         Ryan Harris and Tom Burton, FairHeat, July 2020

48: Responsible Refurbishment
         Khasha Mohammadian, Carbon Intelligence, June 2020

47: Harnessing Wind Power in Urban Environments
         Zoe Parminter, Innovation Gateway, December 2019

46: Getting Housing Off the Gas Grid
         Christopher Hayes, Innovation Gateway, September 2019

45: The Future of Heat Pumps
         Rossella Perniola, Scotch Partners, September 2019

44: Acceptance Testing and Heat Network Operation
         Tom Burton and Ryan Harris, FairHeat, September 2019

43: Ambient Loops Employing Distributed Heat Pumps
         Peter Spurway EngTech LCIBSE, Vaillant Group, July 2019

42: The Role of Property Technology (PropTech) in Building Performance
         Lucinda Lay, Innovation Gateway, July 2019

41: Brexit's Impact on Energy Policy
         Joana Barragan, Imperial College London, July 2019

40: Fuel cells and 'micro fuel cell CHPs' for buildings
         Alem Tesfai, CIBSE, July 2019

39: Primary Energy Factors
         Roger Hitchin, Independent consultant, April 2019

38: Shortfalls of Part L
         Mark Dowson, BuroHappold, July 2018

37: Hybrid Heat Pumps
         Roger Hitchin, Consultant and former Technical Director of BRE, May 2018

36: Metering for tenant billing
         Ellen Salazar, ES Research and Consultancy, January 2018

35: Future of district heating: challenges & best practice
         Matthew Smalley, Max Fordham, August 2017

34: Transparent sustainability: WELL Standard & energy cost metric
         Katie Doig, Max Fordham, July 2017

33: In pursuit of optimal building performance: B-Bem and POE
         Aleksandra Przydrozna, Max Fordham, July 2017

32: Crafting a practical Passivhaus
         Aleksandra Przydrozna, Max Fordham, July 2017

31: Future of Decarbonisation: Gas vs Electric
         Ranjeet Bhalerao, XCO2 energy, July 2017

30: How COOL is your data centre?
         Maria-Anna Chatzopoulou, Cundall, May 2017

29: Demand side response
         Serena Favatello - Hilson Moran, Maria Spyrou - M&S, May 2017

28: Soft Landings
         Richard Tetlow, AECOM, May 2017

27: District Heating
         Robin Hamaker, Pulse Business Energy, May 2016

26: Metering
         Saadia Ansari, Reading University, May 2016

25: Occupant Behaviour – Do occupants matter?
         Richard Tetlow, AECOM, May 2016

24: Post occupancy evaluation
         Anna Menezes, Tesco Stores Ltd & Lisa Pasquale, Six Cylinder, April 2016

23: Building Controls (for people, not robots)
         Maria-Anna Chatzopoulou, Imperial, April 2016

22: Legal Background to Building Energy Performance
         Elisa Bruno, Arup Associates, April 2016

21: Energy Performance Contracting
         Zachary Gill, Willmott Dixon Energy Services, Feb 2015

20: CIBSE TM 54 - Evaluating Operational Performance of Buildings
         Anna Menezes, Tesco Stores Limited, Feb 2015

19: Building Energy Efficiency Standards in Mexico
         Liliana Campos-Arriaga, Low Carbon Architecture, Jun 2013

18: Passivhaus Refurbishment
         Mark Dowson, Buro Happold, Oct 2012

17: Home energy displays
         Nicola Combe, Buro Happold / British Gas, Aug 2012

16: Usability of domestic heating controls
         Nicola Combe, Buro Happold / British Gas, Aug 2012

15: Behaviour change within buildings
         Nicola Combe, Buro Happold / British Gas, Aug 2012

14: Some design notes on passive chilled beams
         Keith Calder, Foster + Partners, Aug 2012

13: Green Deal - what was it & what were the key issues?
         Mark Dowson, Buro Happold, Jul 2012

12: Sub-metering
         Tony Johnstone, Jassoc, Feb 2012

11: The Performance Gap
         Anna Carolina Menezes, AECOM, Feb 2012

10: Dynamic simulation modelling
         Andy Hutton, Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, Feb 2012

9: Commissioning in the UAE - So it works
       Glenn Massey, Hoare Lea & Partners, Jul 2011

8: Embodied Energy & Building Services
       Roger Hitchin, Independent consultant, Jun 2011

7: Voltage Optimization
       Tony Johnstone, Jassoc, Feb 2011

6: BREEAM: Carbon-related issues 
       Ben Cartmell, Southfacing Services, Mar 2011

5: Photovoltaic Panels
       Sarah Royse, Inbuilt, Mar 2011

4: The CRC energy efficiency scheme
       John Field, Power Efficiency, Feb 2011

3: Domestic low-carbon retrofit
       Michael Birnie, VolkerFitzpatrick, Feb 2011

2: Daylighting design for low-energy buildings
       Brian Spires, HLM Architects, Feb 2011

1: Heat pumps: an adequate solution?
       Bruce Boucher, Bruce Boucher Consultancy, Jan 2011

All Carbon Bites have been written by a member of the CIBSE Energy Performance Group (or were nominated to do so by a member of the CIBSE EPG) and do not necessarily reflect the views of CIBSE. CIBSE and the author are not responsible for the interpretation or application of the information it contains.

Directors of Carbon Bites
Emeka Efe Osaji and Xohan Duran
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