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HVAC Systems Group Past Presentations

Hydrogen Heating: The Future in the Uk - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 19 May 2021

This is an event jointly hosted by the CIBSE EPG and HVAC Group in which Serene Esuruoso, Chris Train, Richard Lowes, Tom Collins and Heidi Genoni talked about “Hydrogen heating: The Future in the UK– The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.This event considered the pros and cons of hydrogen successfully displacing natural gas as the primary means of heating buildings in the UK.

View the session on YouTube

Access the presentations:
Serene Esuroso, Carbon Trsut: A brief overview of hydrogen for heating
Chris Train, CT Energy: Gas Goes Green: Decarbonising Heating
Ricard Lowes, Exeter University: Hydrogen for heat: the good the bad and the ugly
Heidi Genomi, Energy Advisory, Programme & Project Management, Arup: Hydrogen for Heating

HVAC Group - Ongoing Management of COVID: The Operations of HVAC and UV Systems, 9 February 2021


How to Implement Smart HVAC Systems, Online Event on 29 April 2020

Smart Buildings by Dave Lee of AECOM

NovoCon Intelligent Actuator for Pressure Independent Control Valves by Stuart Bratton and Greg Tracey of Danfoss

MSi Presentation by Nick Cooper of Forest-Rock

Metering for Smart HVAC by Nick Wood of Optimised Energy

Lighting Control Systems and Integration for HVAC Savings by Jess Costanzo of Simmtronic


Low Carbon Heating at Elementa Consulting, 23 October 2019

Heat Autonomy – Life after district heating on the route to Zero Carbon by Chris Twinn, TwinnSustainabilityInnovation

Large Scale Heat Pumpts & 4/5th Generation Heat Networks by Phil Jones

The Future of Gas Boilers and Alternative Fuels by Andy Dabin, Hamworth

Heat Pump Solutions by Richard Venga, Mitsubishi Electric


HVAC Group and BSG Joint Event on Advanced Building Systems Modelling, 18 July 2019 - Read the Journal Report Here

HVAC Systems Modelling, by Darren Coppins, BSG Vice-Chair

Learning from Australia: How Better Modelling Can Help Close the Performance Gap, by Robert Cohen of Verco

Why Do We Model? How Good is Any Data? By Ant Wilson, Director and AECOM Fellow

Predicting and Optimising HVAC Performance, 18 April 2018

Reality Check for TfL’s latest Head Office Building - Quinten Babcock, TFL

Design for Performance for base-build and fit-out - Robert Cohen, Verco Energy Consultants

Building energy modelling - Simon Law, AECOM