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Name: Jon Gregg, Joint Chair

General: Sustainability engineer at BuroHappold

Like: Future proofed designs and engaged design teams

Dislike: The phrase " just tell me what I need to pass"

Name: Lucy Pemble, Joint Chair

General: Postgraduate Student MScSustainable Engineering Management for International Development with Swansea University and the Prince's Foundation

Like: Creative engineering solutions, innovation in energy efficiency and exciting opportunities

Dislike: Poor user-centred design and faff

Name: Saadia Ansari, Vice-Chair

General: EngD researcher with Reading University examining energy management of venue buildings

Like: Buildings designed for occupants, indoor plants, cats

Dislike: Bad metering, papers on case study buildings with rubbish monitoring, and cauliflower

Name: Eleni Pylodi, Joint Secretary

General: Building Services Engineer at XCO2

Like: Measured energy consumption data, lifelong learning and semplicity

Dislike: Oversized systems, unfriendly working environments and long commute

Name: Roberto Coraci, Joint Secretary

General: Buiding Physics Engineer

Like: Team work & Optimism

Dislike: London weather & architects acting as engineers

Name: Ranjeet Bhalerao, Events Lead

General: Mechanical Engineer, BuroHappold

Like: Buildings in which architecture and building services have spoken to each other before construction, spicy food, dogs, snakes

Dislike: Buildings designed to achieve low carbon emissions only on paper, narcissistic people, bad mentors

Name: Maria Gkonou, Events Lead

General: Sustainability Consultant, BRE

Like: Passive design, traditional architecture, sunshine, and chocolate

Dislike: Cities with limited green spaces, people who disrespect the environment and animals, earthquakes

Name: Alaa Alfakara, Technical Officer

General: BuroHappold.



Name: Matthew Smalley, Technical Officer

General: Building Services Engineer, Max Fordham LLP

Like: Low-energy, fit-for-purpose, sustainable buildings, holistic design, ukulele

Dislike: "Eco-bling", high grid-electricity carbon emissions factors, bananas


Name: Serena Favatello

General: Sustainability Consultant, Iceni Projects Ltd

Like: Smart building design, natural ventilation, healthy choices

Dislike: Uncomfortable buildings, rodents, and bad wine

Name: Maria Spyrou, Social Media Lead

General: Energy Efficiency Programme Manager at M&S - Capital investment for energy efficiency projects.

Like: Energy efficiency initiatives that can show a quantifiable payback

Dislike: Business cases without numbers and bad weather!


Name: Khasha Mohammadian, Liaison Officer

General: Sustainable Development & Energy Solutions Engineer, Willmott Dixon

Like: Buildings that perform, Vernacular Architecture and a good game of tennis

Dislike: Design solely for compliance, green wash and delayed trains.

Name: Aleksandra Przydr├│┼╝na, Regional -Cambridge

General: M+E Engineer, Max Fordham; Completing PhD on convective flows in heated rooms

LikeThermal comfort, beautiful engineering & dancing

Dislike: Poor HVAC, arrogant people, sardines 

Name: Anna Sturtivant, Regional South-West

General: Graduate Sustainability Consultant, AECOM (Bristol)

Like: Good energy metering and beautiful architecture 

Dislike:Overengineering, 'tick-box' sustainability and melted cheeses

Name: Etienne Humphries, Regional North-West

General: Sustainable Energy Consultant, Blue Sky Design Services

Like: Accessible building energy management systems and intuitive controls

Dislike: Plug-in fan heaters!

Name: Alex Hilton

General: Head of Sustainability (Operations), Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Like: Pragmatic innovation delivered by people who care. Cycling to work and watching a Grand Tour

Dislike: Unnecessarily complex solutions, bureaucracye

Name: Chang Zhang Chin

General: Energy & Sustainability Consultant at TFT

Like: Integrated design, health and wellbeing in the built environment, innovative HVAC systems

Dislike: Impractical design, printers, bad tasting espressos

Name: Elisa Bruno

General: Engineer, Arup 

Like: Integrated design, healthy buildings, sunshine

Dislike: Green-washed and uncomfortable buildings, poor daylighting

Name: Konstantinos  Charalampidis

General: Graduate Electrical Engineer, Arup

Like: Daylighting, smart energy systems and renewable energy

Dislike: Energy inefficient buildings and feta cheese


Name: Kyle Gray

General: Energy and Sustainability Consultant, Scotch Partners LLP

Like: Innovative technological solutions and pubs

Disike: Over glazed facades and english mustard

Name: Maria-Anna Chatzopoulou, Technical Officer

General: Mechanical Engineer, Cundall and PhD Student, Imperial College London, with research focus on CCHP Systems for buildings

Like: Innovation and "out-of-the-box" thinking for sustainability


Dislike: Pessimistic and untrustworthy people

Name: Nathan Jones

General: Building Services Engineer, Kier Construction

Like: Passive design, collaboration, innovation, intellect and good food


Dislike: Wastefulness, Complacency, "Because That’s How We’ve Always Done It" and rush hour

Name: Nuno Correia

General: Energy Consultant at XCO2

Like:Simple buildings that occupants understand and that are tuned to the local climate

Dislike: Overengineered buildings


Name: Raquel Fernadnez Frances

General: XCO2




Name: Richard Denteh

General: Building Services Engineer, Meinhardt UK

Like: Good engineering solutions

Dislike: Last minute rush and time wasting

Name: Sara Godinho

General: Sustainability Consultant, XCO2

Like: Understanding how people use and live in their homes, travelling and cheese

Dislike: Climate change deniers, Victoria line at 8:30am