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South West Past Presentations


Why do we expect buildings to perform like the models? (6 and 7 December 2017)


Energy, Policy, Technology (22 and 23 February 2017)
Report and Presentation

Brexit: Impact on the South West Construction Industry (12 January 2017)
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YEN Global Conference and Resilient Cities Talk (27 January 2016)
Download Presentation (16MB)
Lighting more Psychology and Art than Science? (19 April 2016)
Download Presentation (3MB)


New CIBSE Guide A: Environmental Design Lunch (16 March 2016)
Download Presentation (5MB)
New CIBSE Guide M: Maintenance Engineering and Management Launch (19 May 2015)
Download Presentation (3MB)


Rainwater Harvesting in the Sustainable Environment (14 March 2013)
Download Presentation (5MB PDF)

EDGE Debate - Building information Modelling (7 March 2013)
Beneficial, Scary and Bewildering
BIM Regional Hub
Installer Design Interface
Debate Notes

The phasing out of BS 6700 & A review of the requirements of BS EN 806 (21 February 2013)
Download Presentation (400KB PDF)


Requirements for Electrical Installations - BS 7671:2008(2011) (11 December 2012)
Download Presentation (2MB PDF)

Passivhaus Introduction (25 January 2012)
Download Presentation (6.5MB PDF)


Edge Debate: Cutting carbon at any cost? (8 September 2011)
Saving money, saving energy, saving carbon - using the evidence under our noses. Changing the way we do things.
Download Presentation (700KB PDF)

What's Happening in Today's BMS Market? (3 March 2011)
This seminar reviewed the different types of BMS system available and provided an insight into their most appropriate applications.
Download Presentation (7MB PDF)


AGM & Awarding Excellent: Horizon House (29 April 2010)
Download presentation (4MB PDF)

EMC Presentation (14 January 2010) 
Download presentation (3.44MB PDF)


Biomass Heating (10 December 2009) by Robin Cotton (Wood Energy Ltd)  
Download presentation  (5MB PDF) 

Building Regulations Part L and F (3 September 2009) by Ken Bromley (CLG)
Download presentation (700KB PDF) 
Please note this presentation covers the consultation proposals only, and that any final changes will reflect the weight of consultation responses and be subject to ministerial approval.

Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Related Construction (15 January 2009) 
Download the presentation (3Mb) from the Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Related Construction seminar held on the 15th January 2009 at UWE, Bristol


Groundwater Heating & Cooling (16 October 2008) 
Download the presentation (4Mb) from the Groundwater Heating and Cooling Seminar held on the 16th October 2008 at UWE, Bristol.

"Living with the Albatross" Presidential Address (16 October 2008) 
Download the presentation in two parts: Part 1 (2.6Mb pdf file)Part 2 (8.5Mb pdf file) from the Presidential Address held on the 16th October 2008 at UWE, Bristol.

Energy Performance Certificates & all that... (25th September 2008) 
Download the presentation (0.6Mb pdf file) from the Energy Performance Certificates seminar held on the 25th September 2008 at UWE in Bristol. 

Carbon Footprinting & the Built Environment Presentation (4 Sept 2008) 
Download the presentation (2.5MB pdf file) from the "Carbon Footprinting" event held on 4 September 2008.  This seminar examined carbon footprinting and its effect on the built environment. 

Fuel Cells Today & Future Developments both in the UK & the World (15 May 2008) 
Download the presentation  (2Mb pdf file) from the Fuel Cells Today event held on the 15th May 2008 in UWE Bristol. 

Update to Health Technical Memoranda Presentation (3 April 2008) 
Download the presentation (1.5MB pdf file) from the "Update to Health Technical Memoranda" seminar held on the 3rd April at UWE, in Bristol.