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Calling for industry experts, writers and reviewers, for a new CIBSE ANZ Graduate Training Course

CIBSE ANZ is developing a building services graduate training course to fill a long-standing gap in the market for engineering graduates entering the field of building services in Australia and New Zealand. The Education committee is in the process of fine tuning a framework for the six Building Services Training Modules – Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulics, Vertical Transportation and Sustainability.

This 14-day course will give attendees a fundamental understanding of the practical implementation of the six building services disciplines.

CIBSE is now looking for ANZ members or industry experts who are passionate about lifting the level of education and training in building services to join the team and contribute to the development of one of the many introductory sessions across the six Building Services disciplines. This includes developing presentation slides and accompanying notes on a topic you master. A framework for the course, and slide guidance, has been developed and will be provided as an aid.

CIBSE is looking for contributions from experienced members from varied consultancies, contractors, suppliers, and also looking to include gender diversity, ensuring the course is impartial and widely relevant to the local industry.

Express your interest to contribute to this initiative, or find out more by getting in touch with CIBSE ANZ Business Development Manager, Sharon Pestonji, or speak to your CIBSE Chapter Chair

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