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A True Society: The Lighting Family

SLL President, Liz Peck delivered her inaugural address at the RIBA, to an audience that included distinguished guests from a variety of organisations. Liz's address focused on collaboration between industries, as well as the UNESCO International Year of Light and raising awareness and understanding of light and light based technologies;
“In addition to the more obvious lighting occupations…whether your interest is in photonics, astronomy, physics, product design, architecture, interior design, medicine, photography or ophthalmology, this Society is open to you: you are all welcome.”

...this Society is open to you : you are all welcome.

SLL President, Liz Peck

Liz continued to outline the ways in which modern society revolves around light and light based technologies, much of which is as a result of the effective ‘collaboration of expertise.’ With regard to her vision for the Society going forward, Liz stated;
“I want the Society to be a tree, a lighting family tree. The RIBA is a significant branch but so too are the branches of the designers, engineers and physicists; disciplines such as photography, ophthalmology and acoustics, along with many others are equally important.”
Along with highlighting the importance of collaboration, Liz emphasised that her aim was not only to encourage people and organisations to join the ‘Lighting Family,’ during the UNESCO International Year of Light and beyond, but also to share their enthusiasm and ‘spread the word about how fantastic light and lighting really is.’
To view Liz Peck’s full presidential address, please click here!
As well as inaugurating Liz Peck as SLL president, the following officers were appointed:

  • Immediate Past President: John Aston
  • President Elect: Jeff Shaw
  • Hon Treasurer: Bob Bohannon
  • Vice President – Regions: Richard Caple
  • Vice President – External Affairs: Iain Carlile
  • Vice President: Simon Fisher
  • Elected Members: Bob Bohannon, David Holmes, Helen Loomes, Theo Paradise-Hirst, Karen van Creveld, John Mardaljevic
  • Representatives of the SLL's current sponsors – Helvar, Philips, Thorn, Trilux
  • The winner of the SLL iPad prize draw was Paul Ruffles.

Paul Ruffles receiving iPad from SLL Immediate Past President, John Aston

  • LET Students awarded certificates for completing the LET Diploma were Diarmuid Keaney, Thomas Miller, Marianne Mullane, Rachel Shaw, Stephen Thompson, Penny Tulla and Rhiannon West.
  • New to this year’s awards, the recipient of the Jean Heap Research Busary is Feride Sener Yilmaz for her proposal, Human Centric Sustainable Retail Lighting Design Approach: An Experimental Study.

The following prizes for technical papers published in Lighting Research and Technology (LR&T), which is available for free download to SLL members, were awarded:

  • Leon Gaster Award: Markus Canazei: Effects of Dynamic Ambient Lighting on Female Premanent Morning Shift Workers, April 2014

Markus Canazei receiving the Leon Gaster Award

  • Walsh Weston Award: Andre Barroso: Metrics of Circadian Lighting for Clinical Investigations, December 2014
  • The Regional Award, which recognises those who have made a continued and significant contribution to the success of SLL around the Regions went to Jim Shove, South West Region.

Jim Shove receiving the SLL Regional Award

  • This year there were two recipients of the SLL Lighting Award; Peter Raynham and Kevin Mansfield.

Peter Raynham receiving the SLL Lighting Award

Kevin Mansfield receiving the SLL Lighting Award

  • Honorary Fellowships were awarded to, Paul Ruffles and Iain Maclean.

Paul Ruffles receiving Honorary Fellowship of the SLL

Iain Maclean receiving Honorary Fellowship of the SLL

  • The President’s Medal was awarded to Barrie Wilde for his continued contribution to the lighting industry and lighting education.

Barrie Wilde receiving SLL President's Medal

Liz Peck receives medal of office from Immediate Past President, John Aston