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CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards – Meet the Judges

17 Feb 21

CIBSE is now calling on Australia and New Zealand to nominate young thought leaders to enter the 2021 Young Engineers Awards.

The competition theme is focused on Preparing for the Unknown, and is now open for entries in the Student, Graduate and Young Engineer categories.

More competition information here

CIBSE ANZ invites distinguished judges from around the region, different parts of the industry and with different backgrounds to judge the Young Engineers Awards each year. This year’s is no different.

Given the challenges of the past year, we asked some of the judges, what they think some key considerations are to creating lasting indoor spaces for an unknown future.

Prateek Alkesh – Mechanical Engineer, AECOM
2020 CIBSE ANZ Young Engineer of the Year

"This past year has brought in a paradigm shift in the way we approach the design of physical spaces, and has provided the industry a unique opportunity to innovate for lasting impact. In our pursuit for spatial efficiency, we often traded the resilience that flexibility can provide. In this fast-changing world, we will have to rethink how spaces can be designed (or quickly redesigned) to serve multiple purposes. This will enable our built environment to continue keeping its populace productive, healthy, and happy through other unforeseen challenges we will face as a society."

Christhina Candido –  A/Prof, Director SHE Lab, The University of Melbourne

"2020 has highlighted the need to place health at the very centre of our thinking when it comes to the design,
performance and experience of spaces."

Vanessa Carmody-Smith – Program Manager, Office of the Building Commissioner

"The last year has taught us that a quick and versatile space is key to adaptably for continued existence. It has been an exciting year to see so many spaces in society repurposed and meet new regulations with health orders for example and needing to adapt instantaneously. We need to ensure we have this ability to change in our planning and creating our indoor spaces for the future as we are likely to see our environment requiring more changes in the coming years."

Rebecca Evans – Project Officer, Office of the Building Commissioner

"Creating a physical space that is open, light and airy where people can interact safely. Maintaining hygiene standards should require minimal effort and the air quality should be managed to suit individual needs."

Shruti Rajan – Sustainability Consultant, ADP Consulting
2021 CIBSE ANZ Graduate of the Year

"Taking into account indigenous knowledge systems, specially in the building sector, to prevent going against the natural cycle of the land, to avoid bush fires and flash flooding. Many tools are available to do this such as the Living Building Challenge, WELL institute to name a few. Also more stringent rules around carbon emissions, use of renewables and climate change adaptation plans."

Ross Wakefield – Senior Advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

"The ability for buildings and their indoor spaces to be readily adapted to changes in building use, user needs, climate, regulations and available technologies."

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