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RAE requests engineering expertise to help with COVID-19 Pandemic

27 Mar 20

See also CIBSE Coronavirus advice page

The Royal Academy of Engineers is requesting engineering expertise to help with the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, and we ask if anyone in CIBSE’s community can help to please step forward.

From the Chief Executive
Dr Hayaatun Sillem CBE

Dear colleagues,
It has become increasingly evident that the COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented global challenge, impacting profoundly on daily life and the economy around the world.
Engineers can help us tackle this challenge, and I wanted to make you aware of an initiative we are putting together at the Academy, and to invite you to participate.
We are asking Fellows and partners to use their engineering expertise and UK and global networks to help identify solutions, organisations and contacts that could help governments solve problems and assist the public health response.
You will be aware of the immediate need concerning ventilator manufacture, but we want to encourage innovation and ideas across the priority areas of healthcare systems, critical infrastructure, business management and the supply chain.
We have set up dedicated pages on our website, where you will be able to:
1. respond to active calls
2. help us crowdsource solutions and identify resources
3. find out about funding opportunities

The website sets out some of the areas in which we think engineers can make a difference, and you are welcome to share the link below with your network. Both you and others can feed back information through the site, or through avenues identified in this note.

The nature of the crisis means that we are having to do this at speed, so please understand where design and communications are not yet perfect. We are in regular contact with government officials responding to the crisis who have welcomed this offer of assistance, and we continue to discuss with them how the engineering community can most usefully provide support.
I hope you are well and managing in this time of abrupt transition.
All best wishes,

Direct tel: +44(0)20 7766 0657
[email protected]

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