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SLL Lighting Knowledge Series - LightBytes

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The SLL Lighting Knowledge Series presents LightBytes

Click here to view the official 2017-18 LightBytes brochure

In a reworking of the previous Masterclasses, the Society invites you to a day of peer reviewed, bitsize presentations focusing on the key factors relating to the following topics:





Each of the four speakers will be delivering a presentation on an aspect of each of these four topics, with an opportunity for a discussion after each session. 

All of the presentations are brand new and peer reviewed, providing the opportunity to add 4.5 hours to your CPD.

The new structure is designed to cover the most relevant and pressing issues which currently face the lighting industry, as well as generating debate and discussion between those within the lighting community and in associated industries.

Within the DESIGN topic, presentations will be covering topics such as exterior lighting as an attraction to encourage harmony and engagement; the need for sustained light quality from LED light sources; and a call to refocus on light quality as the number one priority.

SPECIFY will cover emergency lighting with reference to luminaire fire ratings; installing lighting controls, comparing LED modules with integrated wireless controls and those with wired systems; and commissioning and testing to ensure that the lighting performs as intended.

For BUILD, the speakers will be looking at maintenance factors: what and why?; LED modules in relation to non-retrofit Vs retrofit and smart Vs unconnected; emergency lighting, looking at use of both stand alone emergency luminaires and incorporating it into the general lighting.

Finally, as the title suggests, FUTURE will be looking to potential for development in the following areas, controls; light as a managed service, including rented lighting and potential for other turnkey solutions; predictive maintenance and smart lighting; and ongoing maintenance to cover quality as well as energy.

Speakers will include Les Thomas from Fagerhult, Steve Shackleton from Zumtobel Group, Helen Loomes from Trilux and Roger Sexton from Xicato.

The guest speaker is BIM and Digital Engineering expert Carl Collins. Providing perspective on the role of BIM and digital engineering within lighting, Carl will be considering aspects such as the exchange between modelling and calculation software, daylight analysis, product data templates, virtual experience before construction, single model shared ownership and blockchain ordering amongst other topics.

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The SLL Lighting Knowledge Series is supported by:

Fagerhult  Trilux

Xicato   Zumtobel Group

Past topics include:

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Light for Life
Quality UP, Energy DOWN
Beyond the Code
One Building a Minute
Low Carbon Challenge
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The Drivers of Design
Update on legislation and case studies
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