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Moving to a New World of Building Systems Performance

The 2014 Technical Symposium took place on 3-4 April in Dublin. Recognising that system and plant performance is a global issue this joint CIBSE and ASHRAE symposium gave a platform to best practice and research from around the world.  All full papers were subject to a formal peer review.

Day One

10:00 – Welcome – Room A: George Adams, CIBSE President, SPIE Matthew Hall; Brian Motherway, SEAI CEO

10:20 – Opening Session – Room A
Chair: Mike Smith, BSRIA
George Adams, CIBSE President; Sue Illman, Landscape Institute President

09:05 – Parallel sessions

Session 2 – Room A: Building to meet the needs of future cities – Chair: Peter Reynolds, Executive Director of Innovation and the Cities Lab, Future Cities Catapult

Session 3 – Room B: The effectiveness of systems in use – Chair: Sean Dowd, RoI CIBSE Chair, Dowd Energy and Engineering

Session 4 – Room A Chair: Tim Dwyer, Chair of CIBSE/ASHRAE Technical Symposium

Poster pitch 1

14:00 – Parallel sessions

Session 5 – Room A: Benchmarking to enable improved building design – Chair: Ant Wilson, AECOM

Session 6 – Room B: The reality of setting “thermal comfort” – Chair: Rebecca Allen Delaney, ASHRAE New Face of Engineering 2014

Session 7 – Room C: Measuring and managing energy use to reduce impact – Chair: Dru Crawley, Bentley Systems

15:40 – Parallel Sessions

Session 8 – Room A: Practically enabling the smarter grid – Chair: Andrew Saville, Armville Consultancy

Session 9 – Room B: IBPSA Session: Mind the gap – Modelling towards reality – Chair: Malcolm Cook, Loughborough University

16:55 – Session 10 – Room A: “Cities are not Sustainable” Debate
Chair: Margaret Dolan, Ethos Engineering Consultant Engineers
North American Team: Larry Spielvogel, Consulting Engineer; Don Beaty, Consulting Engineer; Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE President
UK and Ireland Team: Richard Rooley, Rooley Consultants; Ant Wilson, AECOM; George Adams, CIBSE President

Day Two

08:50 – Session 11 – Room A – Opening by Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE President

09:05 – Parallel sessions

Session 12 – Room A: Balancing energy use with user expectation to enhance performance – Chair: Keith Sunderland, DIT

Session 13 – Room B: The urban truth of delivering sustainable cities – Chair: George Adams, CIBSE President

10:50 – Parallel sessions

Session 14 – Room A: Evaluating the performance gap – Chair: Andy Ford, CIBSE Past President

Session 15 – Room B: Modelling, diagnosing and enhancing the performance of ventilation systems – Chair: Maria Kolokotroni, Brunel University

AHU fault diagnostics using extended Modelica models – Gregory Provan, University College Cork, Ireland

12:30 – Session 16 – Room A Chair: Alex Smith, CIBSE Journal
Manufacturing Innovation – Martin Brown, Sales Manager, Medem UK

Poster pitch 2

Session 17 – Room A: Assessing and delivering designs that aspire to nothing – Chair: Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE President

Session 18 – Room B: Enhancing future buildings through intelligence and training – Chair: Tony Day, IERC

15:35 – Prize presentation and drinks reception in Aungier Street Campus
Chair: Hywel Davies, CIBSE Technical Director


Development of predictive intelligent management system for monitoring and tackling air-borne infection in critical healthcare facilities in British hospitals – Ghasson Shabha, Birmingham City University