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2020 Scientific Committee

CIBSE acknowledge the valued volunteer effort of the Technical Symposium Scientific Committee for their ongoing contribution in technically reviewing symposium material and providing guidance.

Dr Abdullahi Ahmed, PhD MCIBSE CEng FHEA, Coventry University
Dr Abigail Hathway, Sheffield University
Mr Alan Sansom, CEng MCIBSE, Johns Slater and Haward
Mr Alexander Weiss, P.E. MCIBSE ASHRAE, ASHRAE
Dr Anastasia Mylona, PhD, CIBSE
Prof Andrew Geens, CEng PhD PGCE BEng(Hons) FCIBSE FHEA MCMI, CIBSE
Dr Anna Mavrogianni, MArch MSc PhD PGCert FHEA, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering
Ms Anna Neale, CEng MCIBSE PhD, RPA ltd.
Dr Avril Behan, FSCSI FRICS, Dublin Institute of Technology
Mr Barry Wormald, MCIBSE, AESG
Mr Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings Trust
Dr Blanca Beato-Arribas, EurIng MCIBSE, BSRIA
Dr Christina Hopfe, CEng FCIBSE FHEA CEPHD, Loughborough University
Dr Claire Das Bhaumik, CEng FCIBSE, Inkling LLP
Mr Colin Ashford, LCIBSE, Consulteco Ltd
Mr Colin Biggs, NuAire
Mr Colin Pearson, CEng BSc(Hons) FInstNDT MCIBSE, Brunel University London
Mr Dan Cash, CEng MCIBSE, Atamate Ltd./UWE
Dr Dane Virk, PhD, Atkins
Dr Daniel Coakley, PhD CEng CEM MCIBSE MASHRAE, Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe BV (MERCE-UK)
Mr Daniel Fosas de Pando, University of Bath
Mr Darren Coppins, CEng MCIBSE, Built Physics Limited
Dr David Allinson, BEng(Hons) MSc(Eng) PhD PGCAP FHEA, Loughborough University
Mr David Cocking, CEng MCIBSE, DesignBuilder Software
Dr Drury Crawley, PhD FASHRAE FIBPSA Affil CIBSE, Bentley Systems
Dr Eleonora Brembilla, Loughborough University
Miss Elizabeth Ward, MEng LCC LCEA, AECOM
Mr Emeka Osaji, BES BArch MIEnvSc AssocAIA MASHRAE CEnv CSci FFB FRSA AoU, Leeds Sustainability Institute, Leeds Beckett University
Assoc Prof Dr Fahriye Hilal Halicioglu, PhD, Dokuz Eylul University
Dr Fan Wang, PhD CEng MCIBSE FHEA, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Francesco Aletta, PhD, University College London
Dr Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster, Cardiff University
Prof Geoff Leventhall, Consultant
Prof Geoff Levermore, PhD CEng FCIBSE MASHRAE, Manchester University
Dr Ghasson Shabha, MSc PhD(Arch) FCIBSE MBIFM PGCertEd FHEA IOSH, School of Engineering and the Built Environement, BCU, Birmingham
Dr Gordon Lowry, UCL
Mr Guy Kornetzki, CIBSE Afilliate MSLL, GK|LD Guy Kornetzki Lighting Design
Mrs Helen Hough, CEng MCIBSE, Bryden Wood Technology
Dr Helen Pineo, UCL
Ms hua zhong, MCIBSE, nottingham trent university
Dr Hywel Davies, PhD, CIBSE
Prof Ian Bitterlin, CEng PhD BSc(Hons) BA DipDesInn FIET MCIBSE MBCS, Critical Facilities Consulting Ltd
Ms Isabel Cashman, CEng FCIBSE EurIng, Atkins
Dr Jackie Portman, FCIBSE, JLL (Saudi Arabia)
Dr Jeremy Cockroft, PhD MCIBSE, University of Strathclyde
Ms Jo Harris, FRICS,
Mr Jose Ortiz, BRE
Dr Julie Godefroy, PhD, CIBSE
Dr Julio Bros-Williamson, PhD MSc BArch(Hons), Edinburgh Napier University
Asst Prof Dr Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska, PhD EngArch MArch IALD IES CIE MSLL RIBA, GUT LightLab, Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), Poland
Mr Keith Fernandez, MSc CEng MCIBSE EurIng, Keith Fernandez Consulting
Dr Keith Sunderland, PhD CEng MIEI,
Mr Kevan Harrison, Kevlinx Data Centers
Dr Kevin Kelly
Dr Krystyna Curtis, PhD CEng MCIBSE, Senior Lecturer
Dr Laura Mansel-Thomas, PhD, CEng, FCIBSE, MEI, Ingleton Wood LLP
Mr Laurie Brady, Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Mahroo Eftekhari, PhD FCIBSE, Loughborough university
Prof Maria Kolokotroni, Brunel University London
Mr Martin Kealy
Mr Mathew Beard, CEng MCIBSE MIET, Atkins
Dr Mehreen Gul, Heriot Watt University
Dr Merenhya Anusha Wijewardane, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Dr Metkel Yebiyo, PhD, University
Mr Mike Smith, BEng(Hons) Hon.FCIBSE FIoR MASHRAE,
Mr Mitesh Patel, CEng MCIBSE MASHRAE, Apropos Building Services Limited
Mr Mohammed Bakkali, RIBA Chartered Architect, Greenwish Sustainable Design and Consulting Ltd
Dr Mohataz Hossain, PhD, The University of Westminster
Dr Monday Ikhide, PhD MIET MCIBSE CEng, Coventry University
Dr Monica Mateo-Garcia, PhD MPhil MArch, Birmingham City University
Dr Muthukumar Ramaswamy, PhD, Government of Oman
Mr Nuno Correia, CEng MCIBSE, UCL, XCO2
Mr Paul Langford, BSc(Hons) MIED, Colt International Ltd
Mr Peter Owens, BSc(Eng) CEng MIEI MIMechE MinstR, Consultant
Mr Phil Jones, CEng MSc FCIBSE MEI MASHRAE, Consultant
Dr R.A. Chathura Prasad Ranasinghe, PhD, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Mr Raju Gandhi, BEng MSc CEng MIET MCIBSE MASHRAE, Arcadis
Dr Rob Hitchcock, PhD
Mr Robin Stephenson, CEng FIMechE MCIBSE MEI, Consultant
Mr Roger Hitchin, Consultant
Mr Ross French, CEnv MIEMA MCIBSE, Mesh
Dr Sahar Mirzaie, PhD MEng BSc LEEDAP, Arbnco LTD
Ms Sara Kassam, CIBSE
Mr Sebastian Gray, LCIBSE, 2EA
Dr Selvaraj Subhashini, PhD, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Mr Simon Mitchell, CEng MCIBSE, Wandelbox Energy Group
Mr Stephen Gill, MCIBSE FInstR MASHRAE, Consultant
Dr Steve Dance, BSc(Hons) PhD FIOA MASA SFHEA MIABP, London South Bank University
Ms Susie Diamond, Inkling LLP
Dr Tim Taylor, MA MEng PhD CEng MCIBSE, Faithful+Gould
Mr Tom Belton, CEng MCIBSE, Buchanan Hartley Environmental
Prof Tony Day, CEng FCIBSE FEI, IERC
Dr Tony Sung, BSc(Hons) MSc PhD CEng FCIBSE FIET SenMIEEE MEI MHKIE(Ir), Consultant
Prof Wim Zeiler, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Dr Yangang Xing, BSc MSc PhD MCIBSE FHEA, Nottingham Trent University
Dr Yoon Ko, PhD, National Research Council Canada
Dr Zhihui Ye, PhD MEI FHEA, London South Bank University