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Buildings Systems and Services for the 21st Century

The 2012 CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposum took place at Imperial College, London on 18 and 19 April.  Below are links to PDFs of the papers, presentations and posters. All full papers were subject to a formal peer review.

Session 1 - Opening by David Fisk, CIBSE President Elect

Session 2 - Tools and techniques for energy modelling and optimisation - Chaired by Phil Jones, Building Energy Solutions

Session 3 - Optimising ventilation for energy, comfort and performance - Chaired by David Hughes, CIBSE Past President

Session 4 - Building performance assessment - Chaired by Jacquelyn Fox,CIBSE

Session 5 - Power and energy design and measurement - Chaired by Tony Day, TEAM (EAA Ltd)

Session 6 - Planning and assessing building energy systems performance - Chaired by Andrew Saville, Armville Consultancy

Session 7  "Cities are not sustainable" debate - Chaired by Richard Hayter, Kansas State University, USA

Speakers: Tony Day, TEAM (EAA Ltd) • David Fisk, CIBSE President Elect • Bill Harrison, Harrison Energy Partners, USA • Richard Rooley, Rooley Consultants • Lawrence Spielvogel, Consulting Engineer, USA • Brian Warwicker, Brian Warwicker Partnership

Session 8 - Opening by Ron Jarnagin, ASHRAE President

Session 9 - Innovative global solutions towards low impact buildings - Chaired by Bill Harrison, Harrison Energy Partners, USA

Session 10 - Posters

Session 11 - Building environment and systems for lifetime effectiveness - Chaired by Graham Manly, Gratte Brothers

Session 12 - Maximising the benefit of the building's energy resource - Chaired by Richard Hayter, Kansas State University, USA

Session 13 -Evolving systems by applying BIM - Chaired by Jeff Littleton, Executive Vice President, ASHRAE

Session 14 - Prediction of building energy and environmental impact - Chaired by Andy Ford, CIBSE President