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Energy Efficiency Building Regulations: Part L2 2020


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Key Areas

  • The legislative drivers for energy efficiency
  • Demonstrating compliance with Part L2A (2010) Building Regulations 
  • The CO2 emissions calculation methodology
  • The notional and Reference Buildings
  • Demonstrating compliance with Part L2B (2010) Building Regulations

Course Content

Changes to the Approved Documents of Part L of the Building Regulations were published in April 2010, and came into force in October 2010. This course will give a comprehensive overview of Part L and introduce the changes.

Session 1 - Context of Building Regulations Part L:
  • Background and current status of Legislation
  • Energy White Paper; EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive;
  • Review of Part L 2006
  • Overview of the principle changes
Session 2 - Part L2A - New Buildings:
  • Compliance methodology - achieving the aggregate 25% savings
  • Full compliance requirements and details
  • Building Services Compliance Guide
  • Energy Statements
  • Assessing renewable energy options
  • Compliance enforcement
Session 3 - National Calculation Method (NCM) & Simple Building Energy Model (SBEM):
  • Revision of the calculation tools
  • Asset and operational ratings
  • Interaction with OR Methodology
  • Worked examples
  • Requirement for accreditation
Session 4 - Part L2B - Existing Buildings:
  • General improvements
  • Energy Statements; Consequential improvements
  • Material alterations & changes of use
  • Historic buildings 
  • Compliance enforcement

Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Building Regulations
  • List the 5 compliance requirements for new buildings
  • Identify the key supporting documents
  • Apply the CO2 emissions calculation methodology 
  • Recall the principal changes that took place in 2010
  • Explain the purpose of the Energy Performance Certificates and the link to Building Regulations

Course Timings  

Registration is open from 09.15
Start Time: 9:30
Latest Finish: 17:00

Course Fees 

  • Standard Rate: £335 (ex. VAT)
  • Members Rate: £285 (ex. VAT)

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