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Mentoring Skills Workshop

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Key Areas
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Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
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Upcoming Courses 

24th January 2019 | London - Book Here

Key Areas  

The course introduces the concept of mentoring, and provides delegates with an increased awareness of mentoring duties in the context of a training and development scheme. The course will have a workshop format and is designed to suit the needs of both new and existing mentors, as well as other learning professionals.

Course Content  

Mentoring is a nurturing role that works through a one-to-one relationship with the mentee to assist in their development. As well as supporting the mentee's progress, this relationship can also be personally rewarding and fulfilling for the mentor, so it is a mutually beneficial process.  But mentoring can also be a challenging role and to be successful requires awareness and a range of "soft" and "hard" skills. This course covers some of the wider issues of mentoring, together with the specific functional role applicable to mentoring on a training and development scheme. Aspects that will be covered include:

Session 1: Introduction, objectives and format

  • The mentor’s role
  • Approaches to mentoring
  • Definitions of mentoring
  • Expectations of a mentoring relationship
  • Sort exercises and discussion             

Session 2: IPD and company mentoring schemes

  • The skills development cycle
  • Professional development support arrangements
  • Company mentoring schemes
  • Mentoring on an IPD scheme
  • Exercise 1 – Progress review meetings

Session 3: Mentoring in practice: Challenges and limitations

  • Exercises 2 – Development action plans
  • Exercise 3 – Addressing a lack of engagement
  • Discussion

Session 4: Challenges and limitations continued    

  • Exercises 4 – Addressing a lack of progression
  • Exercise 5 – Identifying UK-Spec Competences
  • Forum - Discussion, review and conclusion

Learning Outcomes  

The objective of the course is to introduce the concept of mentoring, and provide delegates with an increased awareness of mentoring duties in the context of a T&D scheme. Delegates will be able to reflect on their own personal approach; observe other approaches; and identify ways of improving their mentoring skills in a range of situations.

Who Should Attend 

Existing and new mentors, plus other learning professionals; or those supporting the learning of others, who would benefit from a better understanding of the mentoring role.

Course Fees  

  • Members Rate: £336 (£280 ex VAT)
  • Standard Rate: £372 (£310 ex VAT)

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