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Soft Landings - delivering operationally ready buildings

Key Areas
Course Content
Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
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Key Areas 

  • Establishing client stakeholder requirements
  • Using feedback to inform project delivery
  • Creating the right project delivery process
  • Providing leadership
  • Establishing performance outcomes
  • Setting roles and responsibilities
  • Sense-checking what the project team is proposing
  • Involving technical operational personnel during project delivery
  • Involving non-technical end-users during project delivery
  • Commissioning and handing over professionally

Course Content

In the 21st century built environment, clients want to take ownership of buildings that are operationally-ready, not just physically complete.

In order to achieve this operationally-ready state, the whole project process needs to be precisely managed, from inception through design, construction, commissioning and pre-handover.  This course will show you how to do this.

Session 1

  • Project delivery in the modern built environment
  • Operational-readiness: what it is and why it’s important
  • A project process for delivering operationally-ready buildings

Session 2

Delivering operational-readiness : Part 1

  • The preparation and briefing stage of a project
  • The design stage of a project

Session 3

  • Delivering operational-readiness : Part 2
  • The pre-construction stage of a project
  • The construction stage of a project

Session 4 

Delivering operational-readiness: Part 3

  • The commissioning stage of a project
  • The pre-handover stage of a project
  • The initial period of occupation

Learning Outcomes 

  • Outline the 4 key elements operational-readiness
  • Understand why a focus operational-readiness is so important in the 21st century built environment
  • Describe the integrated project process required to deliver an operationally-ready building
  • Understand what key activities should take place at each stage of project delivery in order to deliver an operationally-ready asset to a client
  • Apply an improved approach to delivering operational readiness on their construction projects

Who Should Attend 

Designers, contractors, project managers and cost consultants that want to deliver a better service to their clients.

Building owners, developers, building users, facilities managers and maintenance professionals that want to receive a better service from their project delivery teams.

Course Timings

Registration is open from 09.30 
Start Time: 10:00
Latest Finish: 17:00


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