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Lighting: Legislation & Energy Efficiency

Key Areas 
Course Content
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Key Areas 

It is well established that human beings needs light for life and for carrying out visual tasks in the workplace, at home and in places for leisure. The light for this visual activity can be natural (daylight) and artificial (electric). To help in the reduction of carbon emissions, artificial lighting needs to be efficient. This can be achieved with the right lighting scheme and controls system.

Course Content

The objective of this course is to cover the important considerations and requirements for energy efficient lighting solutions in buildings. The learning objectives and structure are set out in four parts.

Session 1: Light: Terminology & Technology
  • The lighting requirements for places
  • Lighting Units
  • Human response to light
  • Colour temperature & colour Rendering
  • Traditional lamps & LEDs
  • Luminaires & Controls 
Session 2: Governance in Design
  • Legislation
  • Building Regulation 
  • CDM Regulations
  • Standards & Guidance 
  • Impact Assessments
Session 3: Efficiency by design
  • The characteristics and role of lighting techniques and technologies
  • The PEC Approach- performance, efficiency & comfort 
  • Application of controls 
  • Tools & Calculations 
  • Visualisations  

​Course Timings  

Registration is open from 09.15
Start Time: 9:30
Latest Finish: 17:00

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