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Yorkshire Region: CIBSE Social - the end of year wrap up!

05 December 2017 18:00 - 22:00

White Cloth Gallery, 24 Aire Street
24 Aire Street



CPD Hours
Multiple (slightly nervous) presenters standing in front of you. Behind them a "Pecha Kucha" presentation on a subject of their choosing with timing that probably isn't.

20 slides, each visible for 20 seconds.

Brace yourself for tongue twisters, irrelevance and possibly the most hurried sales pitch ever depending on what these good people choose to talk about.

Format for the night:
  • 6pm - reception and drinks
  • 6:30pm - we're off with the first batch of presentations
  • Breather to recharge glasses
  • Next batch of presentations
  • Recharge of glasses and finish when we're finished.
Confirmed to present so far:
  • Toby Collins - BT
  • Pete Dutton - Munters
  • Andy Chell - Lumilow
  • Karl Bateman - Calor
  • David Bradley - Socomec
Subjects... We'll all find out on the night.

Everyone has been briefed that it is open season, so it could be CPD, it could CIBSE related or you could gain an insight into their pets peculiar sleeping habits...

The aim of the night is an informal gathering, chance to have a catch up, meet some people and enjoy a drink or two.

I'd like to thank everyone who is presenting for being willing to come along, try something completely different to the traditional CPD and for putting up a tab for us.

Hot sandwiches, rosemary roasted potatoes and drinks provided.

To book onto this event please click here.

Organiser: Simon Owen on or 0113 2346047