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Scotland: Soft Landings in Practice

23 January 2018 18:00 - 20:00

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue
16 Saint Mary's Street


E_REG00258 - Standard Ticket £20.00

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This talk will start with an overview of the Soft Landings process and will then look in detail at the Performance Gap from the perspective of balancing Architectural and M&E strategies. Using examples of key learning from a wide range of post-occupancy evaluations, the evidence will show a large number of scenarios where articulate and well-designed architecture would have removed the need of over-zealous services, or poorly considered controls.

The talk will help focus on design strategies which are well-conserved from the use and maintenance perspective and provide a balanced view of what constitutes good architecture and effective and efficient services, showing both good and ‘lesson learned’ examples for daylighting, ventilation, heating and cooling in non-domestic buildings.

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E_REG00258 - Standard Ticket £20.00