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SLL & CIBSE NW - Archetypes of Night: Our Lost Stellar Environment by Colin Ball

01 March 2018 17:30 - 19:00

BDP, Manchester
11 Ducie Street

M1 2JB

Archetypes of Night: Our Lost Stellar Environment by Colin Ball £0.00

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The Society of Light and Lighting and CIBSE North West region are delighted to invite you to, Archetypes of Night: Our Lost Stellar Environment by Colin Ball.

Archetypes of Night 1

Aspects of current physics are transforming our relationship with the night sky as powerfully as modern lighting is removing it. Centuries ago our ancestors and Gods looked down upon us nightly. Our relationship with mythic aspects of our deep psyche was triggered on a regular basis.  This no longer occurs, yet culture was born from the desire for humans to represent themselves as stars. The roots of architecture are founded in sacred sites aligned to the sky.

Think of our heroic tales, from Orion and Hercules to our new ‘Stars’ on the silver screen, whether their symbol shines from the heavens or within a darkened room, the impact is there.

Colin will explain how the lighting work we do has a direct impact on this ancient relationship and what we should do to reconsider the value and meaning of light.

Colin Ball

About the speaker:

Colin leads the London office of BDP’s award winning lighting team. His current work involves developing innovative techniques for lighting within world heritage venues plus carbon exemplary projects for cutting-edge science institutes. These new lighting techniques involve influencing the daylighting condition of the architecture and detailed studies of occupants to save large amounts of energy.

From a background education in Architecture, Colin has worked as a lighting designer for 20 years, with nine years’ experience at Speirs + Major and six years at Isometrix Lighting + Design prior to joining BDP in 2011.

Colin has developed a series of lectures that look at how light in faith is represented from historical, religious and psychological perspective in architecture and contemporary art, and has delivered these lectures across UK, Europe, and North and South America.

As an organiser of a London Light & Film Festival, Colin also delivers talks on parallels of lighting in films, theatre and architecture, and has authored a number of articles for national and international professional lighting magazines on this topic.

This event has been organised by the Society of Light and Lighting. For more information, please contact:

Email: Telephone: 0208 772 3685

Archetypes of Night: Our Lost Stellar Environment by Colin Ball £0.00