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SLL & CIBSE HCNW Lighting Paper - Lighting for Health & Well-being

12 May 2017 18:00 - 20:00

The Quaker Centre
Oakley Gardens
Downhead Park
MK15 9BH


CPD Hours

Sophie Parry MSLL will be delivering a presentation focusing on lighting for health & well-being, as well as looking at the WELL Building Standard and the SLL Lighting Guide 7: Offices (LG7).

The office work space environment is rapidly changing - hot-desking and a variety of IT screen technologies are now widespread.

These technologies are key drivers behind LG 7 (2015), but additionally Sophia will explain the Well Standard for buildings, which appeared in 2016. The Well Standard has some similarities to LG 7 and other recommendations. But it sets an important additional requirement - consideration of melanopic* lighting at work stations.

Questions Sophia will raise in this seminar, at this appropriately tranquil venue, are:

  1. Can we blend LG 7 and the Well Standard together?
  2. Is current technology tried and tested?
  3. How would we set about designing and delivering a validated solution?

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This event is organised by the Society of Light and Lighting

Email: Telephone: 0208 772 3685