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A1559 Lighting and Energy Efficiency

24 November 2017 9:00 - 17:00

222 Balham High Road

SW12 9BS

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Key areas

It is well established that mankind needs light for life and for carrying out visual tasks at workplace, home and places for leisure. The light for this visual activity can be natural (daylight) and artificial (electric) light source. To help in the reduction of carbon emissions, electric lighting needs to be provided energy efficiently by having the right lighting criteria, the right lighting scheme installed and operated by the appropriate system consisting of lamps, ballast, luminaires and controls.

Course Content

The objective of this course is to cover the important considerations and requirements for energy efficient lighting solutions in buildings. The learning objectives and structure are set out in four parts.

Session 1: Light, Vision and Colour


  • Light: What is light?; Types of light; Visible light; Units of Light;
  • Vision: Human Response; Eye-brain system; Adaptation; Glare;
  • Colour: Theory; Correlated colour; Temperature; Colour rendering

Session 2: Technologies and systems


  • Lamps: considerations; types (incandescent, fluorescent, sodium, mercury, LED, metal halide, solid state)
  • Control gear: Electrical current conversion; Low / mains voltage; Current limiting; Ignition of discharge lamps
  • Luminaires: Types; Form, lamps and applications; Electrical safety and protection
  • Controls: Energy use; sensor types; application and platforms

Session 3: Governance in Design, Tools & Application


  • Legislation: CRC; H & S; Building Regulations; min – max energy consumption; CDM Regulations
  • Standards & Guidance: European Standards; SLL Guidance
  • Best practice: Performance x Efficiency x Comfort; Energy efficiency; Office lighting; Controls
  • Tools & Application: Point Source Calculations; Lumen Method; Payback; Cost of Ownership; visualization;

Session 4: Case Studies

  • Hospital

  • Warehouse

  • Office

  • Data Centre

Course timings

Registration is open from 09.00 
Start Time: 09:30
Latest finish: 17:00



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A1559 CIBSE Member Rate ex VAT £280.00

A1559 Standard Rate ex VAT £310.00