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HCNW Region: Gas Turbine CHP, Heat Storage, and Battery Storage - Pushkin House

26 October 2017 18:15 - 20:45

Pushkin House, Bloomsbury, Holborn, London, WC1A 2SA
Bloomsbury Way



CPD Hours
Join the HCNW community for Scotia Energy’s seminar on an innovative low carbon Energy Centre planned for Wirral Metropolitan College in Liverpool. It is projected to reduce energy costs by 50% and pay back in under 5 years, with rigorous verification.

The technical solution consists of two small 65kWe gas turbines, a unique latent heat thermal storage plus a lithium ion electrical battery storage to balance the daily thermal and electrical energy profiles, minimising electricity import, maximising CHP efficiency.

Existing energy profiles have been monitored via Metering and Monitoring and Targeting to correctly size the proposed plant and to provide base information for energy savings verification.

Specially commissioned by HCNW Region, engage face-to-face with our speaker George Norrie, as he explains the design, system integration, project implementation, commissioning and verification plans, essential to improving Building Energy Performance.

Speaker: George Norrie

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